Student Blocked Account designed for International students

Ozank Bank Account for students in Germany

Get your student blocked account in minutes

Instantly receive confirmation for your visa appointment

100% money-back guarantee in case of visa refusal

Multi-lingual customer support via phone,chat, email

Access to money should be the least of your worries when you have aimed to win the world

Your Study Is Difficult Enough,
Let's Make Your Finances Easy

  • ​Save time by uploading your documents directly from your phone

  • Use your student blocked account also for daily expenses

  • Multi-currency accounts with up to 30 currencies

  • Locate your nearby ATM's within the app to withdraw cash

  • Real-time exchange rates without commission

  • Deposit insurance of up to €100,000​

  • Instant international transfers

Ozank bank, Student blocked account in germany
Send money to india instantly with ozank bank
Ozank bank account for students in germany
Premium visa debit card for students in germany
virtual debit card in germany

Premium Debit Card For Your Spending  

  • Apart from your account, directly load funds to your cards

  • Unlimited disposable virtual cards for your online shopping

  • ​Free of cost premium Physical metal card

  • Up to 5% cashback in fiat & cryptocurrencies

  • Spend anywhere in the world in local currencies 

Bank Account Is Not The Only Need You Have, So We Have More For You

Ozank student blocked account in Germany
Ozank Bank Insurances in Germany for international students
Ozank bank account for international students in Germany

A marketplace within banking app to fulfil your non-financial needs

Health Insurance & Travel Insurance

Exclusive language learning offers

Book travel tickets directly from your ozank banking app

Annual scholarship opportunity

Get your Accommodation faster than anyone else

Get your mobile connection, electronics and much more