BaaP (Banking-as-a-Platform)

"A financial ecosystem"

Ozank Bank, Germany

About Us

When bank word comes to our mind, we think of just account maintenance, transfers and atm withdrawals. But, this needs to be changed, Ozank is not just another fintech bank, We are revolutionizing banking service into BAAP (Banking-as-a-Platform). Ozank is a fiat & crypto hybrid banking platform providing all types of bank accounts and crypto trading with native cryptocurrency; OAK coin. Ozank is an ecosystem of services, a one-stop-shop of end-to-end services with an inbuilt marketplace & tools to tackle all the problems & needs of customers. Think whatever you can; Business/personal insurances, instant loans, co-working space, 3rd party tools, software/Hardware buying, flight bookings or anything else, you will get it in the Ozank app.

Ozank's team consists of serial entrepreneurs, M&A experts and tech consultants with vast experience in the banking/financial and IT industry, who also worked in many top-tier organizations in the world.


We believe that people deserve financial freedom and it doesn’t just mean being rich—it means getting to a point where your money management, flow and transactions works as smooth as possible. We’re constantly innovating and building ways to give our members what they need to make that happen.

The digital economy represents the future and it must be served. A true fintech is not just a sleek interface running on the past infrastructure & networks.


Ozank will be a blockchain-driven network with its native digital currency to make Ozank a pure-blood Fintech and make it eventually entirely independent of the old-world financial infrastructure. The future of ozank consists own blockchain network and its native digital currency. In the future, other fintech or banks will be also able to run on ozank blockchain ecosystem.